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Mission 22

Mission 22 has a place in our hearts, here at Green Willow Apothecary Company. We are family to veterans, and a veteran in close connection with our company. Often, we see the overwhelming aspects of friendships and relatives with military veterans. The not so obvious answer is always support to our veterans. Support is not always financial, and for the most part, it is more emotional and mental support more than anything. Mission 22 is a non-profit organization that reaches out to help veterans with hurdles that may inhibit the ability to move forward in life. It is to bring awareness to the rising suicide rates of military members and veterans. In 2020 alone, the Military Times reports an average of 17.6 veteran suicides A DAY. We are confident that the donation we give to Mission 22, only made possible by our loyal customers, will help make a difference in a veteran’s life. Rest assured, we will continue this for the month of November annually, and watch the donations grow. We are excited to take this step forward in making a difference in our communities and giving something back to our veterans who have done so much for us.

Thank you for your purchases to support a great organization, Mission 22.


The Green Willow Apothecary Team

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